About Us

Perfect Persuasion specialise in generating new business leads and qualified appointments for our clients over the telephone. We pride ourselves on achieving results – converting cold, untouched leads into HOT leads and quality sales appointments with key decision makers.

We help to gather inside information on contract renewal or review dates, along with internal purchasing processes and motivators. All critical information needed to nurture and convert a lead.

By using Perfect Persuasion you can guarantee you will be ahead of your competitors, armed with critical information on your prospects and getting the appointment before them!

We remove the need for recruiting full time telesales employees, by using us you are guaranteed 100% commitment and quality in every hour you commission us to work on your business. The nature of telephone sales can make it a hard task (even we say that ourselves), the beauty is we have a wide variety of clients, selling to an even wider range of audiences so each day is never the same for us! That’s how we keep our dedication to each client and derive the motivation we require to get you results.

We listen before we talk.

Our Beliefs

Our collective commercial experience means we are well equipped to sell your company and have an in-depth understanding of your offering and of course your target market.

We believe it’s essential to become an integral part of our clients team, this way we understand your offerings and unique selling points and can comfortably convey these to your prospects, this in turn guarantees we get the most out of each call.

We nurture a very close partnership with all our clients and work hand in hand to maximise the success of every call.

Perfect Persuasion believes strongly in delivering quality, unsurpassed campaigns. We don’t believe in numbers games, we work with you to identify unique selling points which we can then match perfectly to your target market.

Successful, unscripted, natural telemarketing only comes from credible, trained and motivated people. Productive conversations with senior decision makers require a level of maturity and ability that is hard to find and develop. Our approach is to recruit, train and retain the best people available and our results speak for themselves.

Our people are intelligent and highly motivated enabling us to quickly understand how your business and your sales process work and what your customers want from you. This makes us qualified to represent your company on the phone.

Perfect Persuasion to date has been built on long term, close, trusting relationships with our existing clients’. The success of our business relies on the success of theirs. We endeavour to continue this ethos and work with companies who see the value of telemarketing and view us as an integral part of their business. You will certainly see the value after using us that’s for sure!

We can help you achieve your objectives.

Secrets to a successful campaign

The secret to a successful campaign is laying the foundations; you have to do this before you start setting the stones of success. We ensure you have all the correct work in place needed to create an effective telemarketing campaign, we will help you to identify and create the marketing methods which will support and enhance your campaign and in turn give you the results you need.

Perfect Persuasion always undertake a thorough briefing process in order to have enough information to take your campaign to the next level. This will be approved by both parties to ensure we are asking, generating and feeding back the right information and getting the most from every campaign.

We are used to working to very thorough briefs and are totally committed to achieving results throughout the whole campaign. Our aim is to become indispensable to your business when you are looking to source and convert new business leads.

We will work under your company name, so any correspondence to your prospects will also be under your company name ensuring the contact stream is smooth and consistent.

Once a campaign has got underway all notes from the telephone conversations and other market intelligence we have collected, will be supplied back to you in a regular update report so you can see exactly what was said, by whom and when. This keeps you fully informed on progress and helps to create a perfect ‘prospect database’ to move forward with.