B2B Telemarketing is a powerful, efficient route to market used by a vast range of organisations. Far from being a method in decline, employed in conjunction with other effective marketing techniques, telemarketing has become more successful than ever. As part of an integrated, multi-channel approach, high quality telemarketing has a multiplier effect, driving up conversion rates to levels that simply can’t be matched by any other means.

We initiate contact with your target market, identify their current needs and then match their needs to your services or product. Once we have established genuine, qualified interest we keep close to them, giving them everything they need, when they need it, to help them recognise that they need you!

Whether it’s generating quick wins or creating and nurturing long-term opportunities, we have the skills in-house to get the best possible information and results from your potential future clients.

Our experienced team have the ability to answer questions professionally and handle objections, which is essential to keep leads hot and not lose interest in the time we are given.

Every opportunity generated will be sent to you immediately by email, text or phone so that every lead is dealt with appropriately and timely to ensure we convert leads and strike whilst the iron is hot!

Appointment Making

We pride ourselves on consistently supplying qualified, quality appointments. Through new, existing and dead leads, we can feed through to your sales pipeline and get you face to face with your future clients.

Customer Relationship Management

We can maintain relationships with your clients, increasing their overall spend and improving their loyalty to you. We can also investigate within your current clients helping you to uncover new opportunities. If you don’t have the time to maintain a close customer relationship, we can help to ensure you don’t lose touch, and miss out on any critical inside information (such as key decision makers leaving and being replaced)!

Prospect Database Building and Cleansing

An accurate, targeted database is critical to the success of any telemarketing campaign. We offer the following database services to optimise the success of your marketing campaigns:

  • Database cleansing (using your existing list to check contact details are correct)
  • Database building (sourcing lists of companies and key contacts for you and updating contact details to your requirements)
  • Database profiling (qualifying companies to ensure they match your profile of an ideal target prospect)

Market Research

To operate effectively in any marketplace you need to carry out your market research, enabling you to define your unique selling point within your sector. You need to understand where your business sits in the market, and what your competitors offer that you don’t, if anything? We offer this service  providing you with in-depth, invaluable information on your competitors to help you define a unique selling point that will give you the edge when selling your product or service.

Telephone market research is a quick efficient way to help you to identify any gaps in the market, enabling you to fill the gaps and add more USP’s to your offering. This can be anything from investigating charges through to services offered, information which is invaluable when setting your company apart from the rest. Again so important when defining the telemarketing brief to make your target audience sit up and listen.

List Purchase

We have access to 2.3 million business records, we supply B2B data lists which can be profiled by job title, geographical location, company size, industry etc and includes email, telephone and postal contact addresses. Our lists are perfect for telemarketing use as our lists can contain up-to-date names of key marketing decision makers allowing us to get straight to the right person from the first call.

We can use the lists to generate leads once the lists have been purchased or you can simply use the lists yourselves if you have an in house telemarketing function in place.

Our lists vary in costs, you can get a quote by emailing us your search criteria on: or calling us on : 07917 523485.